Planning a Five-Day Turkey Travel in Turkish Hotels

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When the holidays are near, there are a lot of families and groups of friends that travel to their favorite holiday destinations. Of all the continents in the world, Europe is one of the most visited. This is because Europe is filled with locations that provide exciting adventures and activities. Through these places, you will find new experiences. You will learn new cultures and traditions. Plus, you will get to relax and feel refreshed. One of the exotic and beautiful destinations of Europe is Turkey. This country is turning out to be very popular among foreign tourists. This is because of all the unique beauty that it has to offer. You can learn about the rich history of Turkey and visit its tourist spots. You can also take a trip to one of its beaches and bask in the sun.

Turkey travel requires more than a weekend stay in the country. With all the attractions and places that you can visit, even a month is not enough for you to enjoy and soak in its beauty. There are some tourists that want an exciting vacation, where they backpack through different locations. But if you do not want to miss the most wonderful sights, you need to have a plan. With the help of an itinerary, you will have a guide to some of the exciting locations of Turkey. The following is a five-day travel guide to Istanbul, one of the hottest tourist destinations of the country.

On the first day of your Turkey travel, you might want to check out the Turkish bath and Grand Bazaar. It is in this location, where you can shop for souvenir items for your relatives and friends. One of the highly selling items within the bazaars and souvenir shops of Istanbul, and all throughout the country, is the carpets and jewelry. After doing your shopping, you can take in Istanbul’s historical culture and sights. At the end of the day, you can take a refreshing Turkish bath. This is a great way to get rid of the stress that is caused by traveling. To make your stay more enjoyable, opt for Turkish hotels that are capable of providing you with the best services.

At the second day of your Turkey vacation, you can check out the pride performance of Istanbul. The city presents its tourists with Whirling Dervishes, which is a delight to the eyes. This certain performance is very captivating, with its movements reflecting the oriental carpet’s geometrical patterns. If you want to dine with your family, you can try the exotic restaurants that surround the city. Or else, you can dine luxuriously at Turkish hotels.

The third day of your Turkey travel may start with a breakfast of Turkish delicacies and sweet tea. You can check out several restaurants or food stalls to taste its culinary treats. You can end the day with a belly dance show. On your fourth day, you can take a boat cruise and breathe in the sights of the city. There are a handful of Turkish hotels that offer cruises to their clients. You can take part of this activity if you are willing to stretch your budget. The last day of your Turkey travel may be a trip to stalls and shops for the best carpet. You can also find unique arts and crafts as gifts.